New Clients Now! Business development on a budget

During these unprecedented times with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic being felt by businesses, many accountancy practices are finding that not all business is good business. The desire to control what business they win is increasing.

However, very few accountancy firms have gone beyond paying lip service on what is required to win you work both professionally and proactively.

New Clients Now breaks down the process into easily digestible bitesize chucks, providing you with business development on a budget.

Our 50 episode micro-learning series will take you through winning Grade A and Grade B clients from beginning to end. It will put you in control of fee growth, giving you a competitive advantage, because nobody else is doing this.

New Clients Now will help you to prioritise where you spend your practicable time when you’re growing your practice, by assessing where the value is. This is the only micro-learning course for fee growth accountancy firms in the world that is demonstrably proven to work over time.

The benefits of New Clients Now include:

  • The ability to identify new business
  • Qualifying the best opportunities
  • The ability to set pricing
  • Creating a proposal template that works
  • Putting you in the driving seat for negotiations

If implemented, New Clients Now will take just one new client to deliver a 10x return on investment! This series is available through the normally members-only vault that Martin Bissett runs.

Click here to take control of your future.

Martin Bissett is in his 23rd year of working with accountants, and in that time he has worked with more than 1800 firms in five continents, helping to introduce £450 million in gross recurring fees. He is the most published on author on the subject, having written 11 books, and he is a global speaker.